Dermal Fillers

Sonal PatelReviewed by Ms SS on

The treatment has improved my life dramatically. My skin is now radiant and the skin tone is all even. The dermal fillers have filled in my deep lines which has made me look years younger. I no longer look sad. I felt very relieved that the treatment was carried out by a dentist as they work with their hands all the time. Knowing it is in a dental environment, I am reassured that it is clean and everything is followed by professional standards.

By the end of the consultation, I felt very happy and confident. I was looking forward to starting treatment. As I was a little anxious, Dr Patel told me what she was doing and put the filler in a little bit at a time. She made me feel I was in control which was very reassuring. I felt very comfortable with the treatment. A holiday would make me feel good for a week but this has made me feel good for ever.


Rating: 4.5