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Qoute Talking to someone who has experienced it before gave me every confidence that it was going to work with fantastic results. Qoute

New to Us?

Complimentary Consultation

At Skin Solutions each patient is offered a free consultation. Sonal will:

  • Discuss all the options available to you for great skin
  • Recommend the most suitable treatment or combination of treatments that will suit you and your lifestyle
  • Look after your skin needs with a professional and caring manner
  • Take the time to get to know you, and treat you as an individual
  • Offer meticulous attention to detail
  • Produce results that are natural and subtle, restoring your confidence
  • Ensure you are kept informed during every step of the journey

Sonal looks forward to meeting you.

Skin Solutions £ Harrow 02089 049440 Skin Solutions

qoute I felt very relaxed and was very reassured by Sonal, who has a calming and understanding bedside manner. I was thrilled with the result. The lines have gone. I look more confident, less tired and years younger. A treatment well worth having! qoute

Skin Solutions £ Harrow 02089 049440 Skin Solutions

qoute Sonal was very understanding. She gave me the opportunity to ask questions that I had and explain the treatment to me. I was very well looked after and comfortable during treatment.

The results were astonishing. My skin looks clearer and brighter and has given me a huge boost of confidence. qoute

Skin Solutions £ Harrow 02089 049440 Skin Solutions

qoute As I was a little anxious, Dr Patel told me what she was doing and put the filler in a little bit at a time. She made me feel I was in control which was very reassuring. I felt very comfortable with the treatment.

A holiday would make me feel good for a week but this has made me feel good forever. qoute

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