Patient Stories


Skin Peel for Pigmentation

Skin Solutions

qoute Having the treatment done has given me a lot of confidence. Now I can step outside and not worry about the way I look. The environment was very clean and well organised. Dr Patel explained the treatment to me very well. She also spent time in assessing my skin. I had every confidence in her and what she was advising.

Was looked after very well from start to finish. Was very comfortable during treatment. Everything was explained to me again and made sure I understood everything clearly. Dr Patel was very patient with me. Gave me the chance to ask questions that I had and explain treatment to me at each stage. After the initial consultation, I knew exactly how much I needed to spend. It was worth the wait. The results were amazing! qoute

Botox for forehead and crow's feet

Skin Solutions

qoute This proved to be a quick and easy procedure to relieve me of the fine and deeper lines. Much time was taken with explaining the procedure by Sonal.

I was thrilled with the result. The lines have gone. I look more confident, less tired and years younger. A treatment well worth having! qoute


Skin Solutions

qoute After the initial consultation with Sonal, I had every confidence in her and what she was advising that I decided to go ahead with the treatment, as I felt this was my last chance of ever having clearer skin.

Sonal was very understanding. She gave me the opportunity to ask questions that I had and explain the treatment to me. I was very well looked after and comfortable during treatment.

The results were astonishing. My skin looks clearer and brighter and has given me a huge boost of confidence. qoute

Skin Solutions

qoute All the staff at the practice are very professional, well-spoken and friendly. qoute

Skin Peel

Skin Solutions

qoute After the peel, there is no need to cover up with makeup - I feel confident enough to walk outside without. My skin feels very moisturised and soft to touch. It has brought back the glow and brightness to the skin and my pores have shrunk.

Treatment experience was amazing from the moment I walked into the room to when I left. It was very relaxing - not rushed in any way. I had very little discomfort during the treatment but this disappeared very quickly. Was told exactly what to expect during the next few days. qoute

Eyebrow Lift

Skin Solutions

qoute My new eyebrows look and feel very natural. No one would know I have had an eyebrow lift. I now feel like a very well groomed glamorous lady.

She talked me through the whole experience from start to finish. I felt very comfortable with the treatment as I had every confidence in the dentist.

The dentist was very gentle handed and was very clear with the treatment explanation. I did not know that an eyebrow lift was possible till I came to the surgery and spoke to a member of staff. I am so glad I know now. qoute

Dermal Fillers

Skin Solutions

qoute The treatment has improved my life dramatically. My skin is now radiant and the skin tone is all even. The dermal fillers have filled in my deep lines which has made me look years younger. I no longer look sad. I felt very relieved that the treatment was carried out by a dentist as they work with their hands all the time. Knowing it is in a dental environment, I am reassured that it is clean and everything is followed by professional standards.

By the end of the consultation, I felt very happy and confident. I was looking forward to starting treatment. As I was a little anxious, Dr Patel told me what she was doing and put the filler in a little bit at a time. She made me feel I was in control which was very reassuring. I felt very comfortable with the treatment. qoute

Derma Roller

Skin Solutions

qoute My skin looks and feels a lot brighter and smoother - has evened out the skin tone. After the in depth consultation, I felt confident, relieved and was looking forward to starting. I wish I had the courage to enquire about it sooner. Until you have spoken to someone, you are never sure what the treatment involves. To get full benefit, I required more than one treatment so I started saving a little money each month. It was worth every penny. qoute